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Welcome to the page for TCKid's Research Bridge - Katia Mace's research study, "An international investigation of identity issues amongst third culture individuals: Eriksonian, Meadian and Vygotsian perspectives"
Katia Mace is a 2014 beneficiary of the TCKid Research Bridge Sponsorship program, through which TCKid sponsors up to four (or more as resources become available) research study principal investigators conducting a not-for-profit study on the third culture kid, cross culture kid, global nomad or expat communities.  Katia is the first recipient of the TCkid Research Bridge Sponsorship program, launched in April 2014.  
About Katia Mace
Katia Mace is currently working towards a PhD in Psychology and Educationat the University of Cambridge. She studies identity and belonging amongst Third Culture Kids (TCK) /Cross Culture Kids (CCK). Katia also holds an MPhil in Psychology and Education fromCambridge and a BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method from theLondon School of Economics. She is a CCK who grew up between Russia,England, South Africa and Spain, and is particularly interested in thesocial construction of identity.
For more information about the TCKid Research Bridge program, please visit the TCKid Research Bridge program page.
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